Dr. Eason DongFounder/ Manager

In 2003, Mr.Dong graduated from tsinghua university majored electrical engineering. After then, continued research on micro-electronics field in tsinghua university till January 2010 when he obtained doctor's degree.
In April 2012, Dr.Eason Dong joined in TÜV SÜD greater China, as a safety function manager in the automobile service department in Greater China area, which requires responsiblility for the management and development of automobile safety function in Greater China area, ASPICE, AUTOSAR, embedded information security, etc.
In the end of 2016, Dr.Eason Dong started up this company: United Certify Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Experience and qualification

In 2016, issued the first function safety certificate to company in China
In 2015, began to promote ASPICE in China
In 2014, began to be responsible for OEM ISO26262 certification & consulting project
In 2013, obtained certificate of TÜV SÜD function security experts (ISO26262), participated in the domestic several Tier1 ISO26262 projects
In 2012, participated in Japan ISO26262 functional safety assessment project
In 2012, obtained certificate of TUV SUD function security experts (IEC61508) (certificate number: TP12010172)
In 2011, began to provide functional safety training for the engineers in the country
In 2010, began to provide functional safety consulting service for automotive ECU
In 2010, studied the functional safety standard, and continually participated in IEC61508 and ISO26262 training

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