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On January 11, 2019,the first automotive electronic security forum of UtCer was successfully concluded in shenzheng, which was led by Utcer (Beijing) Co., LTD. and supported by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) , Beijing jing chuan electronic technology development co., LTD, Shanghai industrial control security innovation technology Co., LTD.(TICPSH) and CCIC national products quality supervision and inspection center.
This forum host- Luo Ruzhong, is the founder of the BYD auto electronics bushiness division - the 15
th bushiness division. He was also the general manager and chief engineer of this bushiness division before retirement. He acts as a leader in auto electronics industry in domestic and works as a chief engineer currently in CCIC national car networking products quality supervision and inspection center.
In the forum, the founder of UtCer - Dr.Dong hao introduced overall service module of company
 firstly. In 2019, UtCer would provide online training, product consulting, process consulting, certification and testing services and so on. In the future, UtCer will further contributes to providing one-stop service of automobile safety development.


Then, UtCer’s technical experts and specially invited guests shared and explained the related  content for automobile safety.
Technical director - Tony (function safety expert) of  UtCer carried on a summary about the new version of ISO26262. Meanwhile, he detailedly interpreted functional safety of automobile controller in new energy automobile.

Funchtion safety manager - Mr. Li xiang in China area of Det Norske Veritas (DNV) shared  the functional safety certification and assessment services. He graduated from Beijing institute of technology. He is 77 GHZ millimeter wave radar certification engineers, ISO26262 and iec61508 certification technical Supervisor.
function safety expert -Clara of UtCer shared the application of automatic parking in ISO26262.
Technical director - Mr.Li xupeng of CCIC national Internet of Vehicles products quality supervision and inspection center briefly introduced National Internet of Vehicles products quality supervision and inspection center. After seven years engaged in IT products research and development, Manger Li joined in BYD and worked for it for 8 years. As the head of BYD Internet of Vehicles products ‘cloud services’, he led a technical team of 80 people, which built the advanced Internet of Vehicles products at least 3 years earlier than average industry level. Cloud services becomes the standard parts of BYD auto. Then, they obtained company major projects award personally issued by Wang chuanfu and other awards in Internet of Vehicles industry. He owns relatively rich operational experience in terms of developing, testing and managing in the cloud platform, communication, mobile development, T-Box, CAN bus, internet of vehicles information security area.

A guest speaker - Dr. Li Yanwen shared the automobile functional safety testing and domestic standard development. Dr. Li is from automotive engineering research institute of  China automotive technology research center co., LTD. He is vice chief engineer of automotive electronic division, senior engineer, functional safety national standard of road traffic drafter and CAQC function safety authentication technology expert.
Process expert - Kate of UtCer shared the combined tools of ISO26262 and ASPICE and its implementation.
A guest speaker - Mr. Liu Hong shared the on-board embedded security technology. Dr. Liu is technical director of Shanghai industrial control security innovation technology co., LTD. He graduated from Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, PhD. His main research direction includes industrial control systems security, edge computing security and he led the "twelfth five-year" national science and technology support project, key sub-topics of research and development plans of ministry of science and technology. He has published more than 30 SCI papers, was awarded the first prize for the ministry of education technology invention invention, second prize of the ministry of education of natural science, Shanghai technology, institute of the ministry of public security in the third personal rewards, etc.
A guest speaker Mr. Zeng che shared how to use AURIX to design products that meet the ISO26262 standard. He is working on Beijing jing chuan electronic detailed FAE. He has more than 6 years working experience in automotive electronic products, mainly responsible for supporting AURIX microcontroller, including: system function design, MCAL Safetlib, SHE and other technical support. He also has project support experience in Hirain technologies, suzhou inovance and so on .
The whole process of forum discussion had a great atmosphere
 that guest speakers and attendees had a deep investigation discussion.


In 2019, UtCer will units other companies to offer more function safety training, consulting, assessment, certification and testing services and tools.


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