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Before the beginning of this article, let's put forward a question: in the future,would you be thrilled if autonomous driving is actually controlled by others in a period of time that you didn't realize? This is not alarmism. Automobiles have upgraded more and more electronic and networked from the original pure mechanical industry products, which similar to original phones have developed into smart phones in aspects of accessing to network and Apps. The security problems occur in the area of mobile phones, including all network access devices. So, undoubtedly, they can also appear on automobiles.


As you can assume, the safety we're talking about here is system safety.


Unlike mobile phones and computers, once the system of automobile is hacked or even controlled by hackers, it involves not only extortion of money, but also life.


Perhaps, while we are striving to get autonomous driving on road in 2020, on the other hand, we still focus on the technical safety of sensors, lidars, chips or algorithms so far. The problem of system safety seems to be relatively urgent.


The most common traditional car accident is that the experienced driver turns over the car when they drive carelessly. There is basically no possibility of accident if they concentrate on driving. But if we are talking about autonomous driving, the experienced driver become a passage. It means, if autonomous driving system failed, there is basically nothing passages can do. We can't expect that passengers to learn code before they get on the car, can we?



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