TÜV and UtCer worked together to formally deliver the concept phase of function safety assessment report for new energy electric powertrain of NIO auto.{错误:字段不存在}

ISO 26262 is a reliability standard for fault diagnosis and treatment. It mainly focus on the  specific electrical devices in automotive industry, electronic devices and programmable electronic devices and other components specially used in the automotive field. This can effectively improve the international standards of functional safety of automotive electronics and electrical products. With the formal release of ISO 26262 standard in 2011, the automobile industry gradually raises attention to the functional safety of vehicles, especially for advanced control systems of new energy vehicles, automatic driving and ADAS. Among them, the ASIL level of their core electronic controllers is relatively higher. Therefore, most of the automobile factories have begun to require the application of ISO 26262 when designing new models.


NIO as one of the representatives of the new innovative vehicle in recent years, which follows to the concept of technology priority and safety priority. NIO invites TÜV and UtCer to evaluate jointly of new energy electric powertrain products and safety management, which reflects its emphasis on function safety. The successful completion of the evaluation means that the Electric Powertrain of NIO meets the requirements of ISO 26262 concept stage for high quality and related safety performance. It also indicates that the NIO electric powertain has opened the function safety construction of the product life cycle, and continues to carry out functional safety assessment and certification of various subsystems.


TÜV has a strong team of technical experts and rich practical experience in ISO 26262. The first ISO 26262 process certificate, the first ISO 26262 new energy electronic control unit (ECU) product certificate and the first ISO 26262 vehicle factory level certificate was issued by TÜV . TÜV automobile service department's technical experts in the field of digital road vehicles are also subordinate to ISO 26262 International Standard Committee. With the support of well-knowledge German technical experts and experienced local technical experts, TÜV automobile service Department can provide a full range of function safety services related to ISO 2626262 standard for many chinese OEMs and suppliers, covering all aspects. Training, testing, validation, knowledge service, function safety process certification, product and system level certification, etc.


About NIO

NIO is a global start-up electric vehicle company, founded in 2014. It has set up design organizations, R&D organizations, production and business organizations in 13 places such as Shanghai, San Jose, Munich and London, which brings more than 2300 top talents from nearly 40 countries and regions together. In 2015, NIO team won the first FIA Formula E driver championship in its history. In 2016, NIO released the world's fastest electric vehicle EP9, which set the fastest lap speed record for four internationally renowned tracks, such as the North Ring of the Newborg Green. In 2017, NIO released the North American strategy and the first concept car EVE. EP9 created world record of a autonomous drive speed in the America. The latest mass-produced vehicle ES8 appeared at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2017. NIO was founded jointly by Li Bin, Liu Qiangdong, Li Wan, Tencent, Gaolu Capital and Shunwei, which was also invested by dozens of well-known institutions such as Temasek, Baidu Capital, Sequoia, Houpu, Lenovo Group, Huaping, TPG, GIC, IDG and Pleasure Capital.


About UtCer

UtCer is a service company of new automobile safety technology founded by Dr. Dong Hao at the end of 2016. The company team has rich experience in functional safety and system process construction.Utcer provides training, consultation and evaluation services related to ISO 26262 and Automotive SPICE for automotive customers.



About TÜV

TÜV is a company provides professional testing, checking, auditing, certificating, training, knowledge service and solutions. Since 1866, the Group has been committed to protecting human, property and environmental safety to avoid risks arising from new and unknown technologies. The headquartered of TÜV is in Munich, Germany, which has more than 1,000 office locations worldwide. TÜV owns more than 24,000 authoritative experts, who work actively in their respective fields. TÜV aims to help global customers improve production and operation efficiency, reduce costs and control risks through comprehensive and perfect one-stop service.


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